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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Classroom view

I've finished my room due to the fact that school has already begun. I tried to take a few pictures but the quality is horrible.

This is the view from the back of the room toward the door.

From the computer area toward the front:

View from the door toward the back of the room and guided reading table.

This is the spotlight book area. I use these for read alouds.

The writer's eye rubric that has been all over Pinterest!

Science Area that I will use for different studies.

I plan to use these pocket charts to display our comprehension and vocabulary, etc.
The chevron on the bookcase tops is actually a contact type paper I ordered.

One of the book nooks that the kids use for reading to self and partner reading. 

Reading buddies to use occasionally!

Bulletin board ready for self portraits.

One of the stations I sat up at Open House.

Writing area for Work on Writing during Daily 5. I also have a Writing Workshop at a separate time of the day.

Math area.

And the guided reading table:

Now...I've been with my firsties for six days and I've changed their seating three times. Does that give you an idea of the verbal abilities of this group?????

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