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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Blog makeover 101

Indecisive! Always changing. Fifteenth change in my blog look--maybe! With both a teaching blog and a personal blog it adds to the pain.

I found a simple way to change No $$$. Well, there are all the scrapbook kits I have purchased. But...still.

See what I mean. 

  • Use powerpoint to create the header by putting shapes, filling them with my scrapbook backgrounds.
  • Add embellishments that are also part of the kits I have ordered.
  • Create text by inserting text boxes and using different, favorite fonts and Word Art. all, copy and paste into:


Then it is an easy process.
I can crop it, resize it, and save it as a jpeg.

Changing the background isn't too daunting. Decide which background I want to use and upload it to Photobucket. Copy the http. link.

Now back to my blog and go to HTML. I know nothing about HTML other than it is really, really scary! I mean really, really, really scary. If you scroll down through all the various lists of whatever is there you will come to one that has the word background. That is it. Go to the part that is within the () and if you look carefully. It looks a great deal like the link you copied and pasted. Go ahead and put your cursor there and delete that portion. Insert the part you just copied and is the best part...preview it. If it is fine you succeeded. If it isn't right then you can look right beside that preview button and you can delete the changes you made. AH. 

The image that is saved in Paint as a jpeg can be inserted into the layout section. There is an image near the top I just delete that image and insert my new one.

I make a divider the same way. 
  • Create a divider
  • Select all, copy, paste in Paint.
  • Resize and crop.
  • Save as a jpeg.
Go back to the HTML that now isn't nearly as scary and scroll down the multitude of information til you find one that has the word divider. Find the () and delete and paste your new divider!

Good luck!


  1. It sounds complicated to this brain of mine, but obviously you know exactly what you're doing. :)
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

  2. You have done a great job! I think it would be way over my head though. :)
    Conversations in Literacy