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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Another first grade teacher!

is attempting to join become part of the blogging world. I have received so many inspirations from other teachers that I hope to contribute in some small way. This may be a trial and error but here we gooooooo!

Treasures reading series by McGraw Hill is incorporated in any way possible to teach the many state standards. Last week we were reading about insects and teaching the /ou/ow sounds. I used a song by Hunkta Hunkta Boo Boo 2 CD that was all about "Itchy Itchy Owie Owie Boo Boo". I saw the idea on a blog--sorry I can't come up with the link right now--using bandaids on illustrations that the kids drew. Then they wrote about their "ouches". I made a Movie Maker to show our finished projects.

Our Song/Work

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