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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Help for Sure!

I haven't posted in a while. With the cold Winter blues it hasn't inspired me.It's been a while since I can settle into a five day school week--actually the middle of December!  With our ice, floods, snow days (along with MLK day and sickness) I haven't had a five day school week until last week. That's right--two months of playing catch up with three and four day weeks. We have missed five days for weather related "stuff", two early dismissals, and one delayed opening.

So, that's my excuses!

But...Common Core doesn't seem to have weather related days off. And SAT 10 will be administered the end of April. state uses test scores as 35% of our evaluations. So, on to the teach as much as possible in a short amount of time.

I actually like Common Core. (gasp). I like the fact that there aren't  956 standards (I just estimated on that one) to teach. 

The help I have gotten came from a  talented lady. She made some great, fantastic, true common core activities. Most of them are for reading responses and close reading. Reading a "cold text" and looking for evidence or comprehension skills.

Valentine Literacy Unit PLUS (Loving to the Core!)            Snowy Reading Activities: Plowing Through Common Core Standards

Sarah Paul has created these and it is so strong in helping first graders understand and use the skills that we are teaching.

I do hope that she comes up with a "spring" one soon! I am ready for Spring.

And a little look at some of our latest happenings:

Valentine compound words.

First grade program: An opera of the Three Little Pigs. (no, we aren't pigs in real life!)

And I moustache you a question....

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