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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Fast forward or Rewind???

I am confused. Where do I go from here?

It all began on a Monday. A Monday in which I wanted to finish our research on Penguins that we had been working on last week. The common core, researched based, writing workshop, reading Penguins book that they wrote. We did the final page and made the Table of Contents.

So we finished it. Since I had taken stolen some minutes from our normal Monday introduce our spelling pattern, work on high frequency words from our basal text, etc. = we were behind.

Fast forward to Tuesday. Rainy day Tuesday. Flooding roads Tuesday. We got to school to gasp hear that we were going home before lunch, Do you know how teachers and kids react to this? Well.  out minds wander to those free from school hours that are coming soon.

I crammed spelling introduction, vocabulary with new dictionary skills introduced for the first time, and quickly reading our basal stories.

We left at 10:30 a.m. Well, car riders left then. Bus riders not so soon. We sent home three buses (those that don't serve the high school) at 10:30. The remaining kids the front hallway areas of our round space shaped school,,,for about a hour. Some were still waiting at NOON.

So now the problem. We are out of school today for flooding. Tomorrow is not decided yet but I won't be at school since my mom is having surgery. Anyway you look at this is the earliest I will be back at school is Friday. What would you do? Just start anew next week? Forget this week happened? Oh, and by the way--next week is a four day week.

I think I'll think about all!


  1. Yuck Jeanne! The biggest problem we have here in Cali is trying to find closed-toe shoes to keep our tootsies warm.
    SO hard when you need to cram everything in to a short day and feel like you have so much left to still do. Hang in there and stay safe!
    Fluttering Through First Grade

  2. It's been such a crazy week, hasn't it?!! Now for a 4 day weekend!! I am just doing this weeks plans for next week. Hope your mom is recovering well!!